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How Is Torr Quarry Environmentally Sustainable? Find Out Here

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Quarrying is essential for extracting raw materials in heavy industry, but the impact of industry quarrying can be bad for the environment. 

The Torr quarry in somerset has set sustainable policies to become more sustainable, through practices such as re-building habitation and more to reduce and reverse the environmental impact. 

We’ve discussed in more detail below why quarries are bad for the environment, how they can be more environmentally friendly and how Torr quarry, Somerset is becoming more sustainable. 

Why Are Quarrys Bad For The Environment? 

Limestone quarry industries and other quarries are very bad for the environment, we’ve listed the negative impacts they can have on the environment down below. 

  • Produces lots of waste – Heavy waste from quarrying fills landfills fast contributing to pollution and having a negative effect on the environment.
  • Disrupts habitats – The creation of roads, unfortunately, disrupts habitats and can destroy roads easily.
  • Causes pollution – Quarries produce lots of air pollution as well as noise pollution due to them being a heavy industry.

How Can Quarries Be More Environmentally Friendly? 

Quarries are essential for making raw materials, and luckily they can be made to be more environmentally friendly with the following practices below. 

  • Plans for landscaping after the quarrying – To protect the quarrying land sites there should be plans to restore the site after use, this could be by planting trees.
  • Using a licensed landfill – Landfills which are licensed and will be used for landscaping should be chosen for disposing of waste.
  • Reduce pollution – Trees to reduce visual pollution and smaller sizes and working hours can help to reduce pollution from the noise of quarrying.
  • Recycled aggregates – Rather than send spare crushed rock straight to landfill you can use them for future building projects.

Is Torr Quarry Becoming More Sustainable?

Torr quarry is based in Somerset and becoming more sustainable, bringing 15 million pounds into the local community each year and 5 million tonnes of rock, this quarry has become more sustainable in the following ways. 

  • Using rail transport to reduce the impact on roads.
  • The quarry is being restored for wildlife and habitats are being restored. 
  • It is monitored for dust, noise and chemicals regularly. 

Last Words

Overall, Torr quarry is becoming very environmentally sustainable through practices such as minimal noise pollution, using rail transport and restoration practices. This is important because quarries can have a negative impact on the environment which causes pollution.

Paul Wells

Paul Wells

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